Man Takes a Nap Under a Tree When This Cheetah Approaches And Does Something So Sweet to Watch

Dolph C. Volker first met a large female cheetah named Eden while he was a volunteer at Cheetah Experience in South Africa. They immediately bonded.

He writes:

“Many people see Cheetahs hunting, running, killing, resting, or raising their young in documentaries, TV, or zoos. I wanted to show people the up-close and personal side of Cheetahs. I was pleasantly surprised how wonderful their personalities can be. Cheetahs are not considered a ‘social’ cat but they love, display affection, love attention (the tamed ones) and very interactive.”

After several encounters with Eden, Dolph gains an entirely different outlook on cheetahs. “I had no idea Cheetahs were so special,” he says. “I’ve fallen in love with them. It’s an incredible species that truly deserves help, support, and protection.”

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