Sports Betting: Revealing Top 5 Sports to Bet on Today

Have a passion for sports? Or perhaps you are well versed in a particular discipline? Why not use this knowledge profitably and try to predict the outcome of a certain sports event? The more so that you can do it easily without even leaving home, for example, by visiting and using its handy online tools for placing any type of bet in a few clicks.

But which discipline to choose to get more profit? This question is asked by everyone who decides to try their hand at sports predictions. Well, the choice is truly great since major bookmaker platforms are packed with betting options. We have done some analysis on the current state of affairs and are ready to present you with the top 5 sports to bet on today.


Football has always been the most popular betting direction. The main peculiarity of this game concerns the fact that its outcome is largely determined not by the class of specific players, but by the general form of the team. Luckily, the internet is full of statistical data and bookmaker predictions, so you can always study them before making yours. But keep in mind that the game may take an unexpected turn. For example, if something wrong happens on the field, the coach can make a substitution, and then the events will start to develop differently. That’s why many people opt for live betting – it’s a nice way to track all the gaming tendencies and make a wise stake.


This is the most common individual sport for betting. The results of the match depend on the psychological, physical, and sports conditions of each of the athletes, so statistics are only partially useful in making predictions. Another factor to consider is motivation, as it has no less influence on the outcome of the match – a potential increase in the ranking and large cash prizes make players perform better. Moreover, court covering matters as well since most athletes cannot play equally well on grass and clay.


Even those who are not particularly knowledgeable about basketball sometimes choose this discipline for betting. And it’s not surprising, since the game itself is very dynamic and exciting, while the range of bet markets is even greater than in football. Moreover, the probability of winning here is slightly higher since a draw happens extremely rarely. It’s important to note that the bets you place on a team winning during the regular time and the overtime are considered to be completely different, so puzzle out such nuances in advance. In addition, it’s not recommended to make stakes on basketball live if you know little about this sport. The point is that the speed of the game is so high that it’s rather difficult to predict the further course of events right away.

Horse & Car Racing

These are two rarer disciplines in sports betting. The outcome here is determined not only by the professionalism of an athlete (jockey or racer) but also by additional parameters that form almost half of the result: in horse racing, this is the physical shape of the horse, and in racing – the technical condition of the car or motorcycle. At the same time, human factors matter too (the athlete’s mood, injuries, and so on). A great thing is that in racing disciplines, there is almost always a favorite or several stable leaders, so it’s not so difficult to guess the winner. However, unforeseen situations also happen – horses get injured, equipment breaks down, etc.


Esports is a young gaming discipline that covers a large number of popular titles, including CS:GO, Call of Duty, Dota 2, LoL, Valorant, and many others. The matches are distinguished by high variability and spectacularity, while the rounds are often short – you can place a stake on each of them and then receive your winnings in just 5-10 minutes. Moreover, you are offered both classic and more interesting betting options, such as the first blood, killing with a specific grenade or weapon, and the like. This can be an excellent alternative for those who are already tired of typical sports and want to try something new. A powerful adrenaline rush is guaranteed!