17 Reasons Why Your High School Besties Will Be Your BFFs For Life!

There truly is a special bond between friends who have trudged through the horrors of adolescence together. You may not have given it much thought but perhaps you’ve wondered why the friends you make in middle school are mostly the ones worth keeping forever. If you’re wondering about it right now, here are 17 reasons why they will be your BFFs for life!

1. You’ve survived the awkward teenage years together.

If all those math and raging hormones couldn’t glue you together forever, then nothing will.

hs bffs 1


2. You know each other’s crushes and exes. ALL OF THEM!

Even the weird kid with pinkeye you called cute that one time.

hs bffs 2


3. You also know their deepest, darkest secrets.

But you’ll never tell anyone. You pinky promised, remember?

hs bffs 3


4. You’ve an archive of all their most embarrassing stories.

Yeah, those are vaulted as well. Unless you need one for blackmail. He he

hs bffs 4


5. You are more like siblings than friends.

Your house is their house. Everybody knows that.

hs bffs 5


6. Reminiscing about your childhood together is a go-to conversation.

Your favorite sentences start with, “Remember that time when…”

hs bffs 6


7. Oh, another fun topic… those other people from high school!

That one usually starts with “Whatever happened to…”

hs bffs 7


8. You can be your wacky, annoying self around each other.

Who cares, they know you top to bottom and they’re okay with it.

hs bffs 8


9. There’s nothing they haven’t seen yet.

Ugly cry, messy face in the morning, they’ve even heard you snore in your sleep!

hs bffs 9


10. If they call you in the middle of the night asking for help, you’ll go in a heartbeat. No questions asked.

Because you know they’ll do the same thing for you.

hs bffs 10


11. You literally have each other’s clothes from decades ago.

Crop tops, high-waist jeans, jumpsuit… Okay, maybe not the jumpsuit.

hs bffs 11



12. You stayed in touch throughout college, despite being miles apart.

You look forward to those mandatory Skype calls to dish about boys, school, quinoa – whatever comes to mind.

hs bffs 12


13. Who needs a therapist when you have your bestie with you.

Besides, they know exactly how to mellow you out when you have an “episode”.

hs bffs 13


14. You’ve seen and probably touched her boobs.

You’ve changed in front of each other for more than five years of PE classes, who even cares at this point?

hs bffs 14


15. You’ve had your fair share of fights and drama.

You’ve argued about the silliest things but in the end, you both manage to patch things up and make your relationship stronger than before.

hs bffs 15


16. Even a quick chat with them gives you a nostalgic feeling.

Whenever you do get to talk to each other, the feeling is like nothing else: a warm blanket, or a hug, or finally coming home.

hs bffs 16


17. You promised to be at each other’s weddings and baby showers.

No matter how busy you get, you’ll always be there for each other’s memorable events, no matter how good or bad, because you can’t imagine what life will be without your silly, yet always amazing partners-for-life!

hs bffs 17

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