This Pet Store Is Giving Away Their Pets For Free. When I Found Out The Truth, Happy Tears Fall Like Rain.

Don’t Shop. Adopt! Three measly words that has saved the lives of many abandoned and unwanted pets all over the world. A campaign by many pet lovers across the globe calling for compassion for strays and shelter animals.

Priceless Pet Rescue, “a non-profit, no-kill, volunteer pet rescue organization serving the Inland Empire, and surrounding cities”, has recently taken this campaign to awesome distance.

Working together with a Brazilian pet store chain, American Pet, they hid cameras all around the store. They waited for customers to come in and buy one of their “purebred” animals only to tell them that the furbaby they picked out was actually up for adoption and free.

Watch the video and see how delighted the customers were upon discovering this amazing surprise.

Credit: Associação Quatro Patinhas


Thousands of animals roam the streets, abused by irresponsible owners, made to fight by abusive humans, or left stuck and depressed in shelters and yet we continue to spend a lot of money on pet stores to buy one. In the process, we are supporting puppy mills. Do you have any idea how inhumane most of those puppy mills treat the mothers of those cute and cuddly pups you see in pet store windows?

A dog is a dog, a cat is a cat, whether pure-bred or not, the love they can give to their humans is not, and will never be defined by their breed. Just my two cents.

pet store surprise (2)

Youtube │ via BuzzFeed

pet store surprise (1)

Youtube │ via BuzzFeed

Don’t Shop. Adopt! If by any reason you can’t take home a rescue pet, please know that saving a life also calls for these… Volunteer, Foster, Donate. Trust me, it’s life-changing.