Preventing Holiday Drunk Driving

The holidays are a time of good cheer and celebration. It’s also a time of drinking, and for some of us, that means heavier drinking than normal. Everyone loves to have a good time, but make sure you’re conducting yourself in a safe way this year. One of the biggest risks associated with the holidays is that of drunk driving. Let’s take a closer look at drunk driving and see what we can do to reduce the risk!

Designate a Sober Driver

This one is a classic strategy. Always have someone in your party who can be the designated driver. Try to make the position of designated driver a fun one. Show them how much you appreciate them. You could make sure they get an extra present in their stocking, or you could even have everyone toast them to their good health. Feel free to be creative about it.

Alcohol Free Beverages

One of the reasons people get drunk during the holiday is because there is so much alcohol to choose from. Make sure to have nonalcoholic beverages available if you’re the one hosting the party. Besides that, it’ll give the sober driver something to drink too.

Know the Facts About Drunk Driving

The best way to combat drunk driving is with information. And this is the information age, after all. Most of us have a library in our pockets, or at least internet access from somewhere. 0.8% blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is the legal limit for people aged twenty-one or older when it comes to driving. At this amount of alcohol in your blood, your muscle coordination will be much poorer, your judgment and self-control will be impaired, and you’ll have less ability to properly process information. While overall deaths from drunk driving have fallen since the 1980’s, in 2018, DUI still accounted for 26.8% of traffic fatalities. Awareness and education can reduce these numbers even more.

Talk About It

Don’t be afraid to bring up the subject with the people you’re around these holidays. While not drinking and driving may be an obvious thing to you personally, other people might honestly not know about the risks associated with it. They could have been brought up in a family or culture that doesn’t place as much emphasis on drunk driving safety.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call a Friend

If you can’t get anyone to be the designated driver, maybe call around or ask on social media if anyone is available to come pick you guys up when you’re finished with your festivities. Never be afraid to ask and make sure to show them how much you appreciate them once they arrive to pick you up.

Pool Resources

If you don’t have a friend available to come pick you up, you might have to call a Taxi, Uber, or Lyft. You may think this is costly, but how much do you believe your life is worth? An easier way to do this is to pool your resources together to reduce each individual’s bill.

Take Their Keys

If none of the above works for your friends, you may have to resort to more drastic measures. Remember, preventing drunk driving means you’re saving lives. Take their keys away from them. They may get mad about this so help them understand that it’s coming from a place of love.

Call the Police

If nothing else works, it’s best to bring in professionals. If you know someone who’s out drunk driving, call the police department and let them know about it, along with any information you have about the route they’re taking to their destination. The drunk person in question might not understand, but you could very well be saving another human being’s life.