Best Social Media Promotional Tools That Can Be Used Free

The role of a professional digital marketer is invaluable. This is because their skills play a crucial role in the economy as businesses depend on them to survive. Do you need their virtual service for your business but can’t afford it? There is still hope. The only tasking requirement is your ability to learn.

Digital marketers possess two primary components that make them qualified experts. These items include their professional knowledge and the number of tools. You can take the role of an internet marketer in your business without paying a cent. And all you’ll need to fulfill this task are the marketer’s tools.

Without further ado! Here’s a brief review of the best free promotional tools for your business.

1. Buffer – Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Do you desire an assistant who will help you upload content on social media? You’re in luck because an app can handle the responsibility. Buffer is software that allows you to post social media content according to your schedule. All you have to do is prepare the resources and hand them over to the platform.

This valuable tool will save you time during periods where you need to upload regularly. These seasons could include creating brand awareness during Christmas or valentine’s day. The process is simple. Connect the app to your Instagram account and watch it upload to your followers automatically.

Speaking of Instagram, consider visiting if you want 20 real Instagram likes on your post. The engagement from this platform is legitimate and not from fake accounts or virtual robots. Try the offer and boost the figures for social proof.

2. Canva – Craft Engaging Visuals

Do you need to modify your logo for the holiday season but can’t afford it? There’s no need to hire a graphics designer because Canva can do it for free. You can use

This image design tool to craft beautiful pictures of any resolution for your Website or profile.

Over 2 million people trust Canva to deliver high-quality content for their professional or personal needs. It is useful for modifying photos and creating material for your marketing campaigns on Instagram, FB, Tumblr, etc. The only requirement is to study the app until you understand its features.

3. Google Trends – Get In-depth Information On Keywords

The correct keyword can play a significant role in the success of your promotion. If you have a particular keyword and would like to know its potential, consult Google Trends. This tool reveals the search rate of your term(s) and provides suggestions of similar quality.

For example, inserting “XYZ for girls” on Google Trends will reveal when people search for these terms which you can use in social media hashtags to gain likes. It will also disclose the frequency of these inquires along with their various locations.

You can also use Google Trends to improve your business and search for potential trends not only for social media needs.

4. Blog Topic Generator – Become a Content Marketing Professional

Blogging is effective for staying relevant to your social media audience. In fact, 53% of marketers say that blogging is their top content marketing priority. This is because it raises your perceived value and markets your brand, increased engagement such as likes, views, etc.

Consider opting for Blog Topic Generator if you need assistance with catchy Blog Titles for your SM posts. The platform is free to use and only requires the insertion of a few nouns. After that, Blog Topic Generator will produce multiple title ideas that can last you a week.

5. Google Analytics – Track Your Website’s Performance

Here’s the perfect tool for tracking your Website’s visits from social media such as from Instagram info, and uncovering its flaws. Google Analytics inspects all facets of your platform and reports an unimaginable amount of information for free.

Additionally, you can pair Google Analytics with any website and retrieve its data. These data include the demographic of your visitors from your social media account and their level of interaction on your pages. You can analyze this information and use it to modify your business.

6. Hubspot Marketing – Lead Generation Tool

HubSpot Marketing Free presents a free pop-up tool that makes generating leads via websites from social media easy. The software works by collecting the email address of your site’s visitors from social networks, for example, Instagram, and tracking their virtual movement. It analyzes the links that they click and gives you a comprehensive summary of their activities.

Ultimately, Hubspot Marketing free is the tool you’ll need to determine which part of your site needs praise or improvement.

7. Just Unfollow – Twitter Management Software

Over the years, Twitter opened its doors to programmers to develop tools for the platform. These tools come with their functions. However, Just Unfollow stands as one of the Website’s most versatile creations.

Just Unfollow is a management software that lets you control your Twitter account more effectively. The software comes with tools for filtering your followers in bulk and analyzing their demographics and likes.

The recommended way to utilize Just Unfollow is by controlling your Follower and Following count. These metrics are essential for preserving the social proof of your profile. Therefore, consider using this tool to unfollow the accounts that refuse to follow you in return.

8. Wistia – Video Marketing Tool

This list previously featured the graphics design tool “Canva” as the go-to app for high-quality images to get likes. Now we’re featuring the perfect software for sharing amazing videos on YouTube of other social media. This option is valuable when you need a platform that helps promote your animations.

What makes this platform different from other video-sharing sites are its marketing tools. Wistia presents the viewers with a call-to-action message or an email capture form once the video expires. All its tools can be found in the player’s settings.

Additionally, Wistia helps you modify your ability to make engaging content by revealing your viewers’ engagement. These include how far they went in the video as well as when they paused or clicked.


So there you have it. This shortlist of invaluable promotional tools is guaranteed to assist you in your endeavors. Understand that they might seem overwhelming as their vast features might frustrate you. For this reason, we recommend studying the platform before using it.