Iconic Jackie Chan with His Great Sense of Fashion Style in His Younger Years

The iconic Jackie Chan can act, sing and kick ass. He also has interesting sense of style when it comes to fashion.

Chan Kong-sang, his real name, but known to the world as Jackie Chan, is a Hong Kong martial artist, actor, film director, producer, stuntman, and singer. He is well known for his impeccable fighting sequences mixed with comedy and lots of fun. He is also known for his backbreaking and dangerous stunts that he personally performed on his own. In fact, he sustained various injuries for doing his own stunts.

Jackie Chan is famous for his Hollywood movies like Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2, Shanghai Knights, Shanghai Noon, The Karate Kid, and many more.

He started his career as a child artist in Hong Kong cinema. He went on to showcase his talent as an extra for Bruce Lee’s movies. His talent and hard work would soon pay off and he went on to become one of the best known figures in Hollywood.