Who is Nikolai Peter Ingraham? Laura Ingraham’s Childrens

About Laura Ingraham’s: A famous TV personality and the star of the TV industry who made her career and built her name as a host was born in Glastonbury, Connecticut. She was in support of politics and has never feared to share it with the world. She was the informal advisor of Donald Trump and has conquered the media during Donald Trump presidency.

Laura Ingraham was a producer too and started her career in the 1990s. Laura Ingraham has constructed a noteworthy fortune, supposedly around $40million, through her vocation in broadcast news coverage.  Laura Ingraham has devoted her life to raising her children as a single mother. She adopted Nikolai and his siblings between 2008 and 2011.

Laura Ingraham
Laura Ingraham

She was the owner of The Laura Ingraham Show for almost two decades, is the editor-in-chief of Life Zette, and has been the narrator of the nationally syndicated radio show The Laura Ingraham Show. Ingraham then became a commentator on CBS and MSNBC. Her TV work led to her radio show, and since 2017, Ingraham has been hosting the Fox TV s “The Ingraham Angle. “Ingraham has written several books, including the New York Times bestseller “Power to the People. Laura is also the co-owner of Ingraham Media Group. She has also authored six books, which are quite popular. 

More About her personal life:

Laura Ingraham , was like any other girl who wished to get married and dreamt of raising aher own babies and lead a beautiful married life,but her life turned out to be a rollercoaster. Though she was in a relationship, it ended on a sad note . Later, she decided to enjoy her life and wish to complete her dreams by adopting three kids and later became an advocate of adoption. She is a mother of Maria Caroline Ingraham, Michael Dmitri Ingraham, and Nikolai Peter Ingraham and raised the three of them single handed.

The four of them live in Mclean, Virginia. She adopted her daughter, Maria Caroline Ingraham in 2018 from Guatemala when she was 3. Her second child, Michael Dmitri Ingraham , was 1 when Laura Ingraham adopted him from Russia. Her third child , Nikolai Peter , was adopted when he was a year old from Russia.

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Her life with the kids 

Laura Ingraham’s Childrens
Laura Ingraham Kids

Laura Ingraham , calls herself as the happiest human being on the planet. She had to face a lot of criticism and had many heartbreaking moments, but she came out of all because of her three beautiful children. She is very protective about her children’s privacy and hardly shares anything about her personal life. Delving deeper into Laura Ingraham’s family life reveals a dynamic journey of love, growth, and the shared bond between a devoted mother and her cherished children.

Ingraham knows that her children will be her legacy. They will carry on her values and traditions, and they will make a positive impact on the world. This thought brings Ingraham great joy and gives her a sense of purpose.

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About Maria Caroline (Daughter)

Maria Caroline ingraham
Maria Caroline Ingraham

She is very traditional and loves designing and remodelling homes contributes to the influential television network Fox News. She has dual American citizenship and she is of a mixed ethnicity, Maria Caroline completed their High School education with Good Grades in the University.

About Michael Dmitri Ingraham

Michael Dmitri Ingraham
Michael Dmitri Ingraham

A skilled Lego craftsman and a graduate from University of Virginia.

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About Nikolai Peter Ingraham

Nikolai Peter Ingraham
Nikolai Peter Ingraham

Nikolai , an artist, a writer and a  tech savvy . He speaks through his arts and always has something insightful to say about life and loves to share his experiences. When it comes to new technology, Nikolai has some pretty forward-thinking ideas. His projects mix art, tech, and big questions about life, pushing us to think about how we use technology and its effect on our world.

He makes people want to explore how different areas like art and technology can come together and encourages us to think hard about big issues, like how technology affects our lives and keeping creativity alive in a world that’s getting more automated. His legacy is all about encouraging us to think, create, and innovate in ways that are wise and full of imagination

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Q: Where was Nikolai Peter Ingraham born?

Nikolai Peter Ingraham was born in Moscow, Russia, in the year 2010.

Q: How old is Nikolai Peter Ingraham?

As of the current year (2024), Nikolai Peter Ingraham is 14 years old.

Q: Who are Nikolai Peter Ingraham’s siblings?

Nikolai Peter Ingraham has two siblings: Maria Caroline Ingraham and Michael Dmitri Ingraham.

Q: What is Laura Ingraham’s parenting philosophy?

Laura Ingraham emphasizes the importance of not spoiling her children and instilling values of humility and groundedness in them. She believes in maintaining a balance between love and discipline.

Q: Where did Laura Ingraham adopt Nikolai Peter Ingraham from?

Laura Ingraham adopted Nikolai Peter Ingraham from Moscow, Russia, in the year 2011.

Q: How does Laura Ingraham describe Nikolai Peter Ingraham’s personality?

Laura Ingraham describes Nikolai Peter Ingraham as possessing a blend of stubbornness, strength, and intelligence, while also being down-to-earth and grounded.


Nikolai Peter Ingraham, born in Moscow, Russia, in 2010, is one of the three adopted children of Laura Ingraham. Described as having a strong personality characterized by stubbornness, strength, and intelligence, Nikolai maintains a close relationship with his mother and siblings. He is currently attending middle school and is being raised in a nurturing environment that prioritizes humility and groundedness. Laura Ingraham’s journey into adoption reflects her commitment to motherhood despite facing challenges in her original plans for a conventional family.