This Volkswagen Beetle Looks Ordinary From A Distance. But Take a Closer Look… INCREDIBLE!

I thought a Volkswagen Beetle is as good it gets. But when I saw what Momir Bojic, a retired 71 year-old man, did to his old Beetle, I was floored. His car is off the charts! See for yourself…

It looks ordinary from a distance, so let’s take a closer look.

wooden volks beetle 1

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See anything different about it?

wooden volks beetle 2

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Bojic’s car is totally covered in wood! That’s over 50,000 little pieces of oak wood and it covers even the inside of the car. Oh, and, Bojic’s cool cap, too!

wooden volks beetle 3

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It took him two years to complete his dream car.

wooden volks beetle 4

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And by the looks of it, with all the impressive details, I say his hard work has paid off.

wooden volks beetle 5

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Bojic drives this awesome Beetle all around Europe, and it attracts more eyes than a Ferrari.

wooden volks beetle 6

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The amount of heavy wood he used on this Beetle probably makes it run slower than before, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

wooden volks beetle 7

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I can’t get over the details. This is truly remarkable!

wooden volks beetle 8

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And look, even the logo has been carved out of wood!

wooden volks beetle 9

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Credit: Reddit / ocean_potion