35 Amazing Tips Every Dog Lover Needs To Know

Make dog ownership easier with these useful tips and tricks!

1. Attach a carabiner to your dog’s leash to make it quick and easy to tie him up when needed.

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2. No pockets for your keys while taking your dog for a walk? Here’s the best place for it.

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3. You can do the same thing with a bottle opener. Just summon your dog whenever you need to open a cold one.

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4. If your dog eats too fast, put a ball in the dish so he has to eat around it. A rock works just as well, if not better since it’s harder for your dog to remove from the bowl.

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5. Dampen a rubber glove and run it over your furniture to remove dog hair.

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6. Store kibble in a plastic pitcher as it makes for a perfect dog food dispenser.

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7. Attach a collar to the handle of a retractable leash. This will allow you to slip your arm through to use both hands when needed.

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8. When your dog gets loose, don’t chase it; lie down and pretend you’re hurt. Your dog’s curiosity will bring him back to check on you which will allow you to catch him much faster.

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9. Teach yourself doggy CPR. It’s always a good idea to know what to do in emergency situations.

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10. When playing fetch, throw the ball downhill. Your dog will have to run uphill to return the ball which will tire him faster.

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11. Turn a drawer into a dog feeding station. This’ll stop your dogs from spilling food on the floor which will also allow for easy cleanup.

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12. Old jeans make great tug toys.

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13. Use a squeegee to easily remove pet hair from your carpet.

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14. Know your dog’s language.

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15. Especially this! Learn how to read their body language so you can give them space and prevent a bite.

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16. Extra space in the cupboard? Use it to store dry dog food.

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17. Make your own pill pocket with this easy recipe.

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18. Keep your dogs cool on a hot day with an ice lick.

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19. Make your dog’s shampoo last longer with this easy trick! Be sure to use shampoo specifically made for dogs. Human shampoo has a different pH balance and can burn fido’s skin.

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20. Use baking soda and vinegar to get pet urine out of your carpet.

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21. Familiarize yourself with what you should or should not feed your dog. Also, NEVER give your dog advil or tylenol, they’re deadly to dogs.

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22. Not many dogs love getting their teeth brushed. If that’s the case, squeeze some enzymatic dog toothpaste onto a Nylabone or rope toy. That’ll do the work for you.

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23. Instead of spending money on Kong stuffing, use cheese or small amounts of peanut butter. Your dog loves the flavor and it will take more work to get it out.

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24. If your dog has bad breath sprinkle some fresh parsley in their food.

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25. Add low-sodium chicken broth to the drinking water if your dog’s not feeling well.

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26. If you lose your dog while camping, the best way to get him back is to leave a t-shirt that smells like you in the area you lost him, along with some food and water.

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27. Most people think harnesses gives them more control over their dog but the truth is, it only encourage dogs to pull. Train your dog not to pull on the leash by using a slip lead when walking your dog, and make sure it is high on the neck.

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28. If your dog is wearing an elizabeth collar or e-collar, help him learn to keep his head up while walking by putting the leash on from inside the collar.

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29. How to properly trim dog nails. Tip: Don’t look for the kwik from the side of the nail, but from the underside.

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30. Crate training 101

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31. If you see a yellow ribbon tied on the leash, it is a warning to you (and your children) to give the dog space because he might bight.

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32. Teach your puppy not to bite by simply rolling their lip over their teeth so they bite themselves when they bite down. Your puppy will quickly learn that biting hurts.

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33. Spare your nails, use a staple remover to easily put your dog’s ID tag on their collar.

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34. Instead of buying a super expensive dog bed, why not use a crib mattress with a fitted crib sheet cover! This also allows you to easily wash the cover as well.

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35. If it’s hot for you, it’s hot for them. Be mindful of the 7 second rule!

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