This Island Off Vancouver Where About 400 People Live Totally Off The Grid

While the rest of us cling to modern conveniences, there are about 400 people who are more than happy to live a life of simple pleasures. And by simple, I mean really, really… really simple!

Located about an hour off-land from Vancouver, British Columbia, the island is called Lasqueti where residents live completely off-grid. People live in humble homes without modern appliances because, well, there is no electricity on the island. It also has no paved roads, in most cases no plumbing, and almost no industry, which means there’s practically no use for money.

For many of us, it’s downright baffling how they can survive stripped off of the modern conveniences we so desperately can’t live without. But if you really think about it, these people are on to something big. Something that goes along the line of simplifying one’s life for greater, purer happiness. And that’s impressive.

Watch the video below and meet some of Lasqueti’s residents. You’ll be amazed as to how their stories paint a fascinating portrait of what life is like on Lasqueti.


Credit: 16x9onglobal