Antelope Surrounded by Hungry Hyenas Evaded Them With His Cleverness (14 Pics)

There’s so much drama happening every day in the animal kingdom. In these captured heart-stopping images, a magnificent-looking kudu (a large African antelope) was in serious trouble. A pack of hungry predators are surrounding him, closing in for the attack.

Thanks to the kudu’s quick-thinking and smart evasion tactics, he’s able to trick his way out of harm’s way by losing himself in a herd of other friendly animals. Now that’s how you do it in the wild.

The thirsty kudu was on his way to drink at the waterhole when 14 hungry hyenas are closing in to trap him.


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Surrounded, he’s figuring out the best way to escape.


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He jumps into the water, thankfully evading this one.


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Apparently, hyenas don’t like water that much.


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So they wait.


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And wait.


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They were like that for almost an eternity.


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When the kudu notices something going on nearby.


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He senses an opportunity and goes for it with the hyenas at his heels.


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He almost drowns trying.


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Thankfully, the kudu reaches the herd of zebras and joins the friendly pack right away.


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He will be safe in the middle of the herd.


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When the zebras move out to their next destination, so did the clever kudu.


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Don’t feel bad, hyena. That kudu is a very smart one.


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“The kudu was left with very little options to escape, the best thing it could do was hope for a stroke of luck,” Neal Cooper said, the photographer who captured these breathtaking images.