Kitten Met This Owlet For The First Time And What Happened Next Is Too Much For Words

Meet Fuku, an owlet who calls Hukulou Coffee Shop in Osaka, Japan his home. Only a few days ago, he got a new friend named Marimo.

This is the first time Marimo and Fuku meet. They did not know what to make of one another at first.


Hukulou Coffee Shop

When curiosity got the better of them, they started to do some inspecting.


Hukulou Coffee Shop


And that’s when the cuddling started.


Hukulou Coffee Shop

Lots and lots of cuddling. Before meeting Marimo, Fuku has some owl buddies but never a best friend.


Hukulou Coffee Shop

After their first meeting, the two become inseparable. I mean, really, I can barely tell where one ends and the other begins!


Hukulou Coffee Shop

Source: Hukulou Coffee Shop

Everyone in the shop agrees that this needs to be a movie, like right now. Come on, Disney, make this happen for us please!

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