Watch Jaguar Stalking and Ambushing 150lb Caiman Crocodile from the River in Brazil

On a river island in Brazil, an eight-foot 150lb caiman was basking on a sand bank. On the other side of the river, a hungry jaguar slipped stealthily into the river, sneaked up behind the croc and attacked.

Wildlife photographer Justin Black saw everything and captured the dramatic event with his camera. “The fact he attacked from the water is astonishing,” Justin said. “It was reminiscent of crocs attacking land animals in Africa.”

These stunning photos show the jaguar striking with lightning speed.


Photo credit: Justin Black

He slips into the river and heads towards his unsuspecting victim.


Photo credit: Justin Black

The caiman is completely unaware.


Photo credit: Justin Black

The most intense moment when the big cat sneaks up behind the crocodile before launching a ferocious attack.


Photo credit: Justin Black

Then boom!


Photo credit: Justin Black


The powerful jaguar sinks its razor-sharp teeth and claws into the reptile.


Photo credit: Justin Black

“He lifted the 150lb caiman from the ground and trotted toward the water like it was a doggie bone,” the photographer said.


Photo credit: Justin Black

The caiman struggles and tries to make an escape to no avail.


Photo credit: Justin Black

The jaguar is too powerful.


Photo credit: Justin Black

Victorious. The big hungry cat drags the crocodile through the other side of the river.


Photo credit: Justin Black

Watch the incredible footage:

(Credit: Justin Black)

Scientists said there are an estimated 4,000 to 7,000 jaguars in this area. They’re also the most powerful jaguars in South America that can take down larger prey. But these big cats are often targeted by hunters. People like Justin Black are doing their best to protect these magnificent creatures.