Is Colby Ryan Still Married? Everything About Colby and Kelsee Ryan

Colby Ryan, is a father of two children and is currently 26 years old. He is Lori Vllow’s son. He had two younger siblings- Tylee and JJ who were killed by their own mother. Colby’s daughters are Ryley and Ava. He completed his studies from Gilbert Community college. Colby also appears to be an ambassador for an energy drink and muscle recovery spray called Bucked Up.

Life was waiting to throw a fireball on Colby Ryan’s life.  Ryan was accused of rape,  people found that he was sexually abused as a child by Lori Vallow’s third husband and his step father, Joseph Ryan.

Colby Ryan

In April 2022, he published his own book called The God Over Odds, about how his faith helped him deal with the truth of what happened to his family. 

Colby has written a book about his experience.

Colby’s book, titled, The God Over Odds, was published in April of 2022, just a few months before the docu series was set to air.

“Redeemed, healed, and delivered, this is Colby Ryan’s testimony of how God got him through a life of trauma, abuse, murder, and loss,” the description on Amazon reads. “A journey from, ‘son of cult mom Lori Vallow-Daybell,’ to Man of God. Colby’s biggest prayer in life is that God will use this story for his good, God’s glory, and to bring others to him. He wants to challenge you to take a look at your life and see what God has pulled you through.”

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Colby’s family also has a YouTube show.

Colby’s YouTube show, which is called Life with the Ryan’s, has nearly 7,000 subscribers. The family has posted several dozens of videos.

“We love Jesus and we know he is using our lives and testimonies to help others, we will never be shy about it!” the channel’s “About” section reads.

Kelsee Ryan

“We love that you’re here and we pray you decide to stick around, we love this community. We know a lot of people are here because of the case involving Colby’s family, but that is not what this channel is about,” the bio continues. “We love God and will use this channel to glorify him, and we also love transparently sharing our lives and how we are getting through things and having fun as a family.”

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Where is Colby’s Ryan Mother Now?

 Lori Vallow has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering two of her children and for conspiring to kill her husband’s ex-wife, as of Monday 31st July 2023.

Why Was He Arrested?

According to the sources, Colby is accused of raping a woman at her home in Mesa, Arizona. And he also confessed to the police about the same. He was booked on two counts of sexual assault. It all started, when Colby decided to spend some time with a woman at her place. They were having quality time, when Colby suddenly started kissing her abruptly. When the woman was trying to stop him, he then pushed her and forced her . 

About His Documentary “Sins of Our Mother” 

This documentary is about Lori Vallow who killed her children. This movie is directed by Skye Borgman (I just Killed My Dad), the three-part documentary tells the story mainly through the eyes of Vallow’s surviving son, Colby Ryan. Vallow’s mother, Janis Cox, also features, explaining how she went from defending her daughter to believing those accusing her of wrongdoing “were right”.

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Kelsee Ryan, Colby Ryan’s wife

They both tied the knot in December 2018. They began dating in high school and ended up getting married . But things didn’t grow beautifully, as they were before. Few year later, somewhere in September 2022, Colby cheated with his wife, and was accused of having sexual relationship with another woman. 

Colby Ryan’s Net Worth

Colby Ryan’s Net Worth

His financial status is estimated to range between $1 million and $5 million.

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Colby Ryan’s life has been marked by tragedy and controversy. Previously married to Kelsee Ryan, he now appears to focus on the welfare of his children and seeking justice for his siblings. With unresolved legal challenges and the public scrutiny surrounding his mother’s trial, Colby Ryan remains a central figure in the unfolding narrative of the Vallow-Daybell family tragedy.