This Guy Took A Pregnancy Test For Laughs. The Result May Have Saved His Life.

He took one of the pregnancy tests of his ex-girlfriend and decided to take it as a joke. The result was positive. Then from there, the story evolved into something more interesting and took a dramatic turn that’s completely unforeseen.


Baffled by the result, he told a friend about it. The friend found the story hilarious and created a comic strip based on it Reddit-style again just for laughs, then posted it online.



What happened next was totally unexpected as one of the Reddit users pointed out that the positive result could be an indicator of a more serious condition such as testicular cancer. And he should see his doctor as soon as possible.

The young man went to the doctor for a serious test this time. The result was positive. The man had a tumor in his testicle and he needed medical help as soon as possible.

It all started as a joke and it may have saved his life.

Source: Reddit