This May Look Creepy to You At First. But This Is Actually One of the Most Beautiful Places On Earth.

At first, I thought this place looks a bit creepy with all these people in weird costumes. But this is actually what’s inside the giant panda research center in China.

The mind-blowing images inside were taken by the photographer Ami Vitale, who was given exclusive access into the Wolong National Reserve. This is one of the research centers in China dedicated to saving the endangered giant pandas.

These keepers will do everything they can just to save these cherished animals.


They’re doing crucial research, studying everything to help the giant pandas survive.


They mimic the conditions of their natural habitats before releasing them into the wild.


Keepers and researchers wear panda suits when taking care of the animals.


Zhang Xiang became the very first female giant panda to be released into the wild.


The work and effort can be tedious but it’s all very much worth it.


This is the kind of work that’s totally unique and fun for everyone involved.



The population of giant pandas is threatened by their continued loss of natural habitat, as well as low birthrate, both in captivity and in the wild.


These adorable-looking giant pandas are much beloved not only in China, but the whole world.


Thanks to the effort of these wonderful people, future generations will still be able to see these beautiful animals.


They protect and teach baby pandas every step of the way and when they’re ready released them into the wild.


About 1,600 giant pandas exist in the wild today.


This adorable panda is very grateful.


(H/T to The Guardian)