Everything You Need to Know About Eric Clapton’s Daughters

Although many fans believe great artists live happy lives without concerns because of their fame and financial status, the truth is quite different. Many artists battle with mental health concerns stemming from a terrible background, catastrophes they witnessed, or difficulties dealing with fame and attention. 

One such artist is Eric Clapton, who had struggled in their personal life despite having massive success in their Professional life. 

His life with his family has often been told through several blogs or vague podcasts, but no one has found the crux of such turmoil. In this blog, we will take you through the turmoil life of Eric Clapton. 

Eric Clapton Family Life 

Eric Clapton Family

Eric Clapton has had two marriages and five children. He had no children with his first wife, Pattie Boyd Harrison. 

Melia McEnery was his second wife, and they had three kids: Julie Rose, Ella Mae, and Sophie. 

Ruth is the musician’s elder child, and he also has a son called Conor. Although Eric Clapton and his children have a wonderful connection currently, they did share a terrible fate.

How Many Children Did Eric Clapton Have? 

  • Eric Clapton is the father of four children. Conor, his first kid, was born in 1986 and unfortunately died when he was four years old. 
  • Eric and his first wife, Pattie Boyd, had a daughter, Julie, and his second wife, Melia McEnery, had two children, Ella and Sophie.

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How Is Eric Clapton’s Relationship with His Children?

Eric Clapton daughter

Eric Clapton’s song ‘Tears In Heaven’ was published in 1992. The song quickly became his best-selling single after its release. ‘Tears In Heaven’ had a melancholy connotation for Clapton despite its triumph. 

The guitarist married Pattie Boyd, but the marriage was not happy. Clapton had an affair with Lory Del Santo while they were still together, and she became pregnant as a result. Pattie Boyd divorced immediately after learning about the event.

Clapton’s son Conor was born in 1986 to Lory Del Santo. Conor died at the age of four in a sad accident. He was thrown out of his bedroom window on the 53rd story, which had been left open. 

Eric could not cope with the catastrophe, so he attempted to convey his emotions in the song ‘Tears In Heaven.’ At the time, his daughter Ruth assisted Clapton in coming to terms with the unfortunate situation. He claimed he had another daughter who was the reason why he was still alive.

Unplugged: A Tribute to Eric Clapton’s Son

Clapton and his wife were vacationing in the Canary Islands with their kid when he plummeted 20 stories. The singer and his family were able to meet their damaged kid as soon as he and his wife returned to England.

  • Unplugged, Clapton’s 1991 album, was dedicated to his son. He declared at the time that Conor was the only person in the world for whom he wished to be renowned.
  • Conor, an almost ten-year-old boy, is currently doing well. Clapton’s tale highlights the strength of family relationships.

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Clapton’s Never Ending Turmoil

Clapton had another romance with Yvonne Kelly while still married to Pattie Boyd. Kelly was also married then, but in January 1985, they welcomed their daughter, Ruth Kelly Clapton. 

Eric And Ruth’s Relationship 

Eric And Ruth’s Relationship

Ruth’s existence, however, remained unknown to the world until 1991, when the media discovered Ruth was Clapton’s daughter. Despite this, they built a father-daughter bond and supported each other in difficult times.

Ruth claims she and Clapton did not speak for six years because his father did not want her to publish about his personal life on social media. Clapton was irritated to find himself performing music in a Kermit costume on his daughter’s social media sites. 

When Ruth went through a divorce in 2020, the two reconnected, and Ruth finally turned to Clapton for emotional support. She has remained steadfastly at her father’s side at all times.

What Were The Reasons For His Turmoil Life?

Eric Clapton had a rough upbringing. On March 30, 1945, in Ripley, Surrey, England, he was born to Patricia Molly Clapton and Edward Walter Fryer. His mother was 16 when they married, and his father was 25.

Fryer was a soldier who was enlisted before Clapton was born. Unfortunately, the musician grew up believing that his grandmother Rose was his mother, Rose’s second husband was his father, Patricia’s stepfather was his father, and his mother was his elder sister.

Clapton’s mother, Patricia, eventually married another Canadian soldier and relocated to Germany. She did so by leaving Eric with his grandparents in Surrey. Clapton learned more about his father, Edward Walter Fryer, in 2007. 

The musician had no idea who his father was until his grandparents revealed the truth when he was nine. This significantly hurt Eric, and he expressed his sentiments in the 1998 song ‘My Father’s Eyes.’

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Final Thoughts

Well, that is the take of Eric Clapton’a family life!! Albeit filled with ups and downs, he had a loving family he cared for!! Throughout his career, his family has been his greatest asset in times of need!!