This Dog Wants Forgiveness More Than Any Dog In The History Of The World

We’ve shared with you adorable photos of dogs shamed and reprimanded for hilarious crimes.

And they look equally sad and adorable.

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It’s a colorful life with dogs around. Do you agree?

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They all clearly know when they’ve done something wrong, and their faces say it all.

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But one special dog named Ettore brings asking for forgiveness to a whole new level. When his owner Anthony Federica Granai catches him digging a hole in the couch, Ettore goes the extra mile asking dad for forgiveness, in fact begging him to forget about his mistake.

Watch the entire video below! provides us a rough translation, Granai saying this to Ettore: “Are you asking me to forgive you? Are you asking me to forgive you? I don’t understand. I really don’t understand. What do you want?… OK. We make peace. We make peace. Peace, all right? We made peace.”