She Thought Her Dog Brought Home a Bag Of Trash. What She Found Inside? Whoa!

When Reagan the Labrador dragged a discarded bag of Meow Mix back home, her owner, Kerry, simply ignored it thinking her dog had just brought home a bag of trash.

Reagan  lab saves kittens 1

Screen grabbed from YouTube

Kerry went inside but Reagan refused to follow her. The dog became visibly upset that Kerry went to investigate. When she opened the bag, she was horrified by what she found inside.

Reagan  lab saves kittens 2

Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

Inside the bag were two tiny kittens meowing, all covered in gore. Some heartless human had stuffed a litter of kittens in the bag and tossed them on the road. The bag had been run over by a car, crushing several kittens to death.

Reagan  lab saves kittens 3

Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue


Thankfully, these two precious little ones survived. Kerry cleaned them up, fed and kept them warm throughout the night. She later named them Tipper and Skipper.

Reagan  lab saves kittens 4

Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

She called several shelters but only Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary and Rescue agreed to take the kittens in.

Reagan  lab saves kittens 5

Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

Skipper and Tipper were given veterinary care and attention, fed, and grew stronger while the rescue center screened potential families for adoption. The duo later became known as the “Bag Kittens”.

Reagan  lab saves kittens 6

Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

Reagan  lab saves kittens 7

Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

Eventually, Skipper and Tipper were adopted together and are now happy to be in their forever home.

Reagan  lab saves kittens 9

Facebook/Skipper and Tipper

Reagan  lab saves kittens 10

Facebook/Skipper and Tipper

Just look at these boys now. Such adorable survivors. Thank you, Kerry and Reagan!

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Facebook/Skipper and Tipper