Couple Let Their Dog Film Their Wedding Day. The End Result Is Too Precious Not To Share…

Choosing the right photographer is among the many things couples need to do in preparation for their wedding. But Addie and Marshall Burnette decided they don’t want to go through the trouble of sorting through a list of candidates because, well, what they had in mind is actually better. Unconventional, but better.

For their wedding, Addie and Marshall let their dog, a Siberian husky named Ryder, document their special day.

dog videographer 1

With a GoPro strapped to Ryder, she was able to capture the memorable occasion!

dog videographer 2

The wedding video, although shaky, was beautifully recorded from a completely unique perspective.

dog videographer 3


It took a while for Addie and Marshall to edit Ryder’s footage, but in the end, the wedding video turned out to be so precious given that they probably had the most adorable photographer ever. It’s an idea definitely worth stealing, don’t you think?

Youtube / Marshall Burnette