Dog Loves Getting Mail Every Day, So Mailman Improvises On Days There Is None

Whenever Pippa sees the mailman, Martin Studer, she runs to greet him. This happens every day. She then takes the mail from him and back to her family fulfilling her daily chores as “mail-grabber” and “protector of the house.” ?.


There are some days when Pippa comes out to greet the mailman. But there’s no mail for her to collect. Not wanting to disappoint her and walk away with an empty mouth, Studer has to get creative.

“I have to improvise,” Studer said.


Studer looks forward to handing the mail to Pippa daily. Whenever there’s not mail for Pippa and her family, he writes Pippa her own mail instead so she will have something to take back to her family. 🙂


The look on Pippa’s face says it all! It’s so touching to see this mailman go to these lengths to make a dog happy. And you can tell Pippa’s oh so grateful for her favorite mailman! 🙂


[Source The Dodo]