Senior Dog Cries As She Saw Her Owner Leaves Her Behind And Walks Out With Young Dog

15-year-old Cocker Spaniel was heartbroken when she saw her beloved family leaving her behind and walking out with another younger dog. Most families would not even consider replacing their canine family member until she or he dies. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Cocker Spaniel.


This faithful dog looks obviously old but not too old enough not to feel heartbroken and depressed when she realized that the family she grew up with were moving out without her. As Cookie watched her family leave with the newly adopted black Labrador puppy, the heartbroken dog could do nothing but weep.


When a concerned individual heard about her plight, things changed for the better for Cookie. A real dog lover adopted her and gave her a new forever home she deserved. This time, she would never be abandoned again. Please share Cookie’s story with real dog lovers you know.