Basics of bitcoin mining!

A look at the history of mining hardware, some example setups and the ever-important question of profitability! Mining is what makes Bitcoin tick. Bitcoin nodes verify transactions and record them in a public ledger (the blockchain). Mining requires CPU and GPU power, and miners have devised ingenious ways to improve their mining rigs. Later, miners … Read more

How to store bitcoin safely? Hot wallets vs Cold wallet

Bitcoin – it’s digital gold. It enables fast, easy to use, and anonymous transactions – in short, everything an ideal currency should be! The best part is that this currency has all the characteristics of money (durability, portability, fungibility, scarcity). Still, there are several ways you can go when it comes to storing it safely. … Read more

Is it safe to do bitcoin transactions with PayPal?

No! If you decide to use third-party services to use PayPal for buying bitcoins, be sure to review the list of bitcoin exchanges – most platforms won’t accept payments via PayPal. This is because PayPal bans its merchants from accepting funds for digital goods, including cryptocurrencies.  No crypto exchange wants to risk having their business … Read more

The Main Reasons for The Popularity of Cryptocurrencies Among Students

Cryptocurrency has been a very popular topic of discussion for many years now. The global economy is moving towards a digital ecosystem, and cryptocurrency is a promising collection. Now, most people do not want to miss out on exploiting all the full potentials of this digital currency. And, surprisingly, students too! – They are now … Read more

Let Us Know About Latest Bitcoin Happenings 2022

Have you considered adding Bitcoin (BTC) to your investment portfolio? Like millions of others who keep up with the financial news, you’ve heard something about cryptocurrencies in the news lately. What are they? That’s a positive thing because it means traders can get updated information on how BTC is performing, what its recent price swings … Read more

A Basic and Effective Guide to Bitcoin Smart Contracts

What Is a Smart Contract in Bitcoin? Whenever a smart contract is activated, it takes care of itself based on predetermined parameters, and it is regarded as accomplished. There has been a steady rise in the use of smart contracts over the last several years. It is possible to set up a smart contract to … Read more