Bikers Volunteer as Bodyguards for Abused Children During Courtroom Cases

Bikers Against Child Abuse International (BACA) came into existence with one intention in mind: “to create a safer environment for abused children.”

The BACA members believe that no child deserves to live in fear, and they’ll go above and beyond in order to make the children more comfortable and supported as they deal with terrible experiences such as sexual and physical abuse. In the video below, Crime Watch Daily meets with the BACA crew in Los Angeles as they work with a new member named Mika.

The Bikers will do everything from escorting them to and from school or therapy sessions. They will also attend courtroom cases in which victims of child abuse are called to testify against their abusers. Their mere presence in the courtroom, leather-clad, badass-looking men and women, can make a frightened child feel safer and secure. “The kid looks at us, concentrates on us knows we’re there for them.”

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