Lifelong Friends Build Row Of Tiny Houses To Live Next To Each Other

Friendships become harder to maintain as we grow older. Our priorities change, and so does our schedules, making it nearly impossible to set a date to catch up with each other’s lives or even to simply enjoy each other’s company. Not to mention you and your friends could be living miles, perhaps countries apart. And that just might be the biggest factor there is – distance. Yes, it gets tough.

But four couples who have been the best of friends for 20 years decided they’re not going to let life (and distance) keep them from the special bond that they’ve grown to love. Their solution? They built their own little compound called “Bestie Row.” Let’s take a look!

They’re literally a stone’s throw away from each other.

bestie rows 1

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Being fans of the tiny house movement, they employed the assistance of architect Matt Garcia to build their own charming little compound based on the idea.

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They purchased land along the Llano River, just outside of Austin, Texas.

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They did consider living under the same roof, in one large house, but they realized that personal space is necessary for even the closest of friends.

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But they still wanted a space to commune together. So they built a 1,500 sq. ft. community building complete with a kitchen, dining area, and space for guests and activities.

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Their individual homes are 400 sq. ft. cabins, running around $40,000 each.

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Their community, dubbed “Llano Exit Strategy,” was designed to withstand the harsh Texas climate. And their buildings are cleverly built to be sustainable with low environmental impact.

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Galvanized metal siding and spray foam insulation dramatically reduces solar heat, which also helps keep heat in during the winter.

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The roofs are sloped to angle rainwater runoff into water catchment tanks.

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The inside of these small homes do not fall short from their strategic exteriors. The interiors are designed to follow a modern, rustic theme. The corrugated sheathing gives the modern feel,

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while the barely treated wood provides the homes a charming, cozy vibe.

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The 400 sq. ft. cabins are complete with the needed living space and bathroom.

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The beautiful tiny compound is complemented by “Hill Country’s” picturesque terrain.

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It gets even lovelier at night. Looking at what these awesome friends have built, we should expect more of these cost-effective, sustainable tiny homes (and communities) pretty soon!

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