Abandoned, Rusty Shipping Containers Transformed into Something Unbelievable!

From the outside, you probably won’t think much about them. But when the home owners (yeah, you read it right) open the doors, what you will see inside are incredibly beautiful, stylishly clean interiors, huge glass windows, and other modern amenities.

These fantastic living spaces are made from recycled shipping containers. If you love this idea, you can buy one for around $2,000. Then start building your own epic home.

There are also companies that can help you build one at a certain amount, depending on the complexity (or simplicity) of the design, size, and modern facilities you want included in your home. Some cost as much as $40,000 or even more.

Here are some of the best shipping container homes you’ll ever find:

1. These are best examples of DIY shipping container homes. They bought a used one for about $2K, then created their own awesome home.



2. This 1200-square-foot home called Six Oaks is designed by David Fenster of Modulus. It’s located in the Santa Cruz mountains of California.



3. This studio home was built by Price Street Projects, located in Savannah, Georgia.



4. This home is comprised of four 40-foot shipping containers. It was designed by James & Mau Arquitectura and built by Infinski. It’s located in El Tiemblo, Spain.




5. This beautiful 2,300-square-foot shipping container residence was built by Ecotech Design. It’s located in the Mojave Desert.


Jack Parsons

6. Poteet Architects built this San Antonio guest house. It’s only 360-square-feet with a cozy living room, study area, bathroom and patio.


Chris Cooper

7. The design team from Studio H:T added two storage containers to the outsides of this pre-existing structure in this Colorado home.


Braden Gunem

8. With a $40,000 budget, the designer Benjamin Garcia Saxe created this home utilizing two 40-foot shipping containers. It’s located in San Jose, Costa Rica.


Andres Garcia Lachner

9. Ecosa Design Studio built this wonderful shipping container home in Flagstaff, Arizona. They used 6 containers for this one with concrete floors, glass, walnut wood and even a rooftop terrace.



via hiconsumption.com