This Lioness Killed A Baboon. What She Did Next When She Saw The Baby Is Completely Unbelievable.

While on a game drive in northern Botswana, photographers Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzwarth encountered a troop of baboons running away from something scary.

They soon found out that the baboons were chased by a few lionesses. “Between the baboons shrieking and the lionesses communicating with deep guttural roars, it was a mad scene,” Lisa said.

The photographers lost no time to capture the intensely dramatic event happening before their eyes.

A brave female baboon attempted to make a run for it. But got caught by a lioness.

bb1Evan Schiller

As the baboon lay dying in the lioness’ jaws, a little baby emerged from its body.

bb2Evan Schiller

The lioness seemed surprise to see the baby. She just looked at it as he tried to climb the tree.

bb3Evan Schiller

Surprisingly, the lioness didn’t hurt the baby. She gently examined him and played with the baby.

bb4Evan Schiller

The lioness picked him up gently in her mouth and seemed trying to comfort him.

bb5Evan Schiller


The baby baboon responded and even tried to suckle the lioness.

bb6Evan Schiller

But that wasn’t the most amazing part.

bb7Evan Schiller

Two male lions arrived to the scene. The lioness instantly showed aggression. Was she defending the baby? Whatever the case was, this caused a distraction.

bb8Evan Schiller

A distraction that offered an opportunity for the father baboon to rescue the baby.

bb10Evan Schiller

Father baboon grabbed his little baby and immediately headed back to safety and held him tightly in his arms.

bb9Evan Schiller

(Source: National Geographic)

I’ve read many wonderful stories happening in the wild. And this is one of the most amazing ones, thanks to the photographers Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzwarth for capturing this gripping animal encounter with an awesome heroic twist.

“No matter what,” Lisa said. “The young baboon remains an inspiration to me—and a reminder, that life is fragile and no matter how much we fight to control its outcome, all we can do is live in the moment.”