These Are No Ordinary Paintings. When You Realize What They Really Are, Your Jaw Will Drop.

LA-based artist Alexa Mead gave painting a different spin when she ditched the good ol’ canvas and opted for real live people to set her masterpieces. Meade paints on the surfaces of architectural spaces, objects and live human subjects in a way that optically compresses a 3-dimensional space. The result becomes 2-dimensional and is most … Read more

This Tattoo Artist Gives His Customer With Down Syndrome Free Tattoos Every Friday

Jason Ward is a tattooist at Muscle And Ink Tattoo in Hamilton, New Zealand. Every single Friday for the past 4 months, Suzie Barry would come into his shop and get a tattoo for free. Don’t worry, they’re stick-on tattoos which she brings with her every time she visits. Jason said she prefers Maori designs. … Read more

Clever Artist Turns Silly Overheard Statements Into Funny Illustrations

Be careful what you say in a crowd or post on Twitter, a clever artist might make a witty painting out of it. Karen Kurycki is an illustrator/designer from Jacksonville, Florida who turns crazy, silly, absurd statements people say into watercolor paintings. Here are some of her hilarious illustrations:   [wp_ad_camp_2] For more of Karen … Read more