The World Is Full of Anonymous Heroes. These 32 Pictures Prove Our Planet Isn’t Such A Bad Place.

The world can be full of negative things – war, hunger, strife. But we need to be reminded sometimes that there are millions, if not billions of people, who are trying to make this world a better place.

These 32 pictures prove that we live in a wonderful world full of anonymous heroes, ready to go out of their way to help, capable of showing their fellow human beings and helpless animals compassion, love and care.

1. These guys rescuing a cat.


2. This helpful employee.

3. This adorably kind daughter.


4. Dan and his cups of coffee.

5. Whoever put this sign outside their house on a particularly hot day.

6. These protesters.


7. This firefighter.


8. The owner of this lauderette.

9. This homeless man.


10. Whoever drew this.

11. This homeless man’s heroic act.


12. Best reaction ever.



13. This cop helping a driver who was out of gas.

14. This firefighter giving koala a drink.


15. The person who helped Caine.


16. This parent and her (or his) kids.

17. This marine.

18. This homeless man.

19. This daughter.

20. This man who takes care of this injured elephant.


21. The guy who gave her mother this.

22. The brave boy who risked his life to save this drowning baby deer.

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23. The animal rescuers in China.


24. This man.


25. These firefighters.


26. This anti-poaching ranger.


27. This nicest security guard in the world.

28. The owner who gave this fish a life jacket.


29. These soldiers.

30. This kid who invented a new form of currency: SMILE.

31. This awesome stranger.

32. Meet Dobri Dobrev.