Animals’ Top 10 Most Wanted Hunters

Last July 1, 2015, American Dr. Walter James Palmer killed Cecil, a well-known lion living in Hwange Game Preserve in Zimbabwe. It created a furor heard around the world.

In August, the following month, Quinn Swales, a safari guide was mauled and killed by a male lion which also live in the same game preserve where Cecil lived.

Though it would be unfair to impute it on divine justice (he had nothing to do with the killing of Cecil), but somehow, the emotional side of us is inclined to say, “Serves you right.”

The lion was observed to exhibit an overly aggressive behavior days before the mauling (probably smarting over Cecil’s death)

I definitely would say, “Serves you right,” if any of these 10 hunters, considered most cruel, would somehow meet the fate as the unfortunate Quinn. Here they are:

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