Watch What Happens When These Imprisoned Animals Are Finally Released Into The Wild!

Freedom is priceless. Case in point: this collection of videos of animals having their first taste of freedom.

1. After being caged for 30 years, these laboratory chimps peek nervously outside and give each other excited hugs upon realizing they’re being freed at last!

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2. These three orphaned foxes, raised in Chintimini Wildlife Center in Oregon, were finally brought into their new home. Watch how they slowly check out the new surroundings before scampering into the brush.

Credit: chintiminiwildlife

3. Four orphaned baby raccoons were rescued by Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates. After nurturing them, the raccoons were released into the woods were they were found. And they couldn’t be more excited.

Credit: Mary Cummins

4. Zolushka, a rare Siberian tiger, was rescued by the International Fund For Animal Welfare when he was still a cub. Zolushka made a dashing and graceful exit when he was released into the wild.

Credit: IFAW – International Fund For Animal Welfare


5. These seal pups were under the care of RSCPA for several months. Upon their release, the pups slide enthusiastically towards the water where they belong.

Credit: rspcauk

6. Thanks to the Beagle Freedom Project, these beagles, who’ve been caged their entire lives, are now able to romp freely outside for the first time ever.

Credit: BeagleFreedomProject