6 Tips To Sleep Better With A Lavender Pillow

One of the best things in life that’s free is a deep and relaxing sleep. People are always looking for ways to improve the quality of their sleep. This is why special pillows, organic mattresses, natural sheets, and cozy pajamas are always some of the hottest selling items in home shops and even in online home supplies stores. 

But, buying items to make your beds and pillows eco-friendly and toxic-free can be very costly most of the time. It’s a good thing people have discovered using the likes of lavender pillow as an eco-friendly and relatively affordable way of making their sleeping nest. If you’re thinking of sprucing up your own, here are some tips on how to sleep better with a lavender pillow:

1. Take A Warm Lavender Bath Before You Sleep

Nothing beats taking a bath to feel refreshed before going to bed. There’s nothing like feeling your skin so smooth and soft after taking a bath. You can add a few drops of lavender oil to your bath water to treat yourself to the aroma of lavender scent rising up from the warm water as you take your warm bath.

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils, which is used by many for relaxation and sleep. Studies have shown that if you use lavender oil just before you go to bed, it won’t just help you fall asleep, but lavender oil also improves the overall quality of rest. Having quality sleep has been found to have an impact on work productivity.

2. Create A Bed Spray

A typical method of using lavender oil is by creating a bed spray with two cups of distilled water, one tbsp of witch hazel, and 10-20 drops of lavender. With this solution in a spray, mist it a bit lightly on your pillow and over your bed sheets before going to bed.

A lot of people are turning to essential oils to give their beds and pillows an aromatic scent that makes them fall asleep fast and deep. Some even use pillows with buckwheat hulls. The nice thing about this is that the weight of your head on the pillow pumps up the scent and diffuses the aroma as you sleep.

3. Keep A Diffuser By Your Bedside

One of the best ways of using lavender is by diffusing lavender oil an hour or so before you go to sleep. Although this was originally intended as an aromatherapy in spas and saunas, more and more people are discovering the amazing ease of using a diffuser to extract the numerous benefits from lavender oil.

You can opt to use either a small tea light candle or a plug-in diffuser. If you diffuse lavender oil in your bedroom about an hour before you turn in for the night, you’ll be drifting into sleepiness in no time. 

4. Keep It Under Your Pillow

Another way of using lavender is by dabbing a few tissue sheets in a lavender oil solution and then putting it under your pillow. This method keeps the scent a little bit subdued under your pillow, but, at the same time, it would spread around your room as the scent of the tissue escapes from under the pillow. 

The method gives you the result of having that combined lingering and relaxing scent of lavender directly from under your pillow and indirectly from the scent that escaped around the room. It’s also a way of keeping your bedroom scented but cool while you sleep.

5. Apply It On Your Face

There are several ways of using lavender oil, and one of which is by applying the solution directly to your skin. A lot of people do this by applying lavender oil to a part where they can smell it, such as on their temple or forehead. The good thing about lavender oil is that it’s extremely natural to the skin, and won’t cause any irritation.

With a nice and soft pillow, the lavender on your temple, forehead, or other parts of your face would spread all over your pillow throughout the night. As you sleep deeper into the night, the scent of the lavender scattered on your pillow from your skin produces a soothing and relaxing aroma, which you can smell the whole time.

6. Put On Some Lavender-Scented Lotion

There are some lavender users who prefer to mix a bit of lavender oil into a solution, and then combine it with their favorite skin lotion. Just a small amount of this lavender solution would go a long way in spreading the scent throughout your body. 

If you’re the type who moves and rolls a lot during your sleep, the lavender’s scent would be rubbed around your bedsheet. This would spread the scent around the room, creating an overall aromatic scent in your bedroom. 

Lavender Oil Lullaby

Using lavender pillow has a number of benefits, such as relieving stress and being able to sleep so soundly and deeply during the night. It’s like having an aroma lullaby to lull you to sleep. Putting lavender oil on your pillow is one of the best ways of improving your sleeping habits and routine.