27 Heartwarming Pictures That Will Bring a Big Smile to Your Day

Show me happy-looking kids with their awesome dad, an elephant meeting a sea lion for the first time, or a karate bunny any time, and my entire day is made. These 27 pictures below are specifically collected for the sole purpose of bringing a smile to your day, and warming your heart. Enjoy!

1. This professor.

fg1Full Punch

2. This cat.

fg3Full Punch

3. This proposal.

fg2Full Punch

4. This daughter and her card.

fg4Full Punch

5. Quiet.

fg5Full Punch

6. This compassionate dog’s human.

fg6Full Punch

7. Chendra and sea lions.

fg7Full Punch

8. They’re completely safe.

fg8Full Punch

9. Yeah, just like that.

fg9Full Punch

10. Her favorite picture.

fg10Full Punch

11. Her special socks.

fg11Full Punch

12. This husband.

fg12Full Punch

13. The twins meeting a little girl.

fg13Full Punch

14. The surprise.

fg14Full Punch

15. He’s okay.

fg28Full Punch

16. His reaction.

fg16Full Punch

17. NOPE.

fg17Full Punch

18. Dog bed.

fg18Full Punch

19. Her addiction.

fg19Full Punch

20. Over an hour now.

fg20Full Punch

21. Pets’ love.

fg21Full Punch

22. This mother and the pictures she sent.

fg22Full Punch

23. Karate bunny.

fg23Full Punch

24. Just like that.

fg24Full Punch

25. Yes.

fg25Full Punch

26. This best dad.

fg26Full Punch

27. Gingers forever.

fg27Full Punch