Epic Wildlife Battle for the Ages: Hippos Vs. Crocodiles

The amazing battle happened in the Luangwa River in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. Wildlife photographer Marc Mol captured the incredible breathtaking moments.

Hippos and crocodiles are two of the fearsome creatures that live in the waterways of Africa. In this battle, there were around 140 crocodiles against a herd of hippos. The warriors of each side fought bravely, blood was shed and one hippo paid the ultimate price.

This is a battle of epic proportions.


Marc Mol/Mercury Press

A hippo is now lying dead surrounded by hungry crocs.


Marc Mol/Mercury Press

The hippos decide they had enough fighting for the day.


Marc Mol/Mercury Press

One slain hippo is now crocodile food.


Marc Mol/Mercury Press

One hippo turns around after seeing there are too many enemies for him to handle.


Marc Mol/Mercury Press

The crocs are still on their guard in case the hippos come back.


Marc Mol/Mercury Press

The hippos are regrouping.


Marc Mol/Mercury Press

They lick their wounds.


Marc Mol/Mercury Press

And seemingly back to their normal lives.


Marc Mol/Mercury Press

Something tells me they will be back.


Marc Mol/Mercury Press

(H/T Daily Mail)

“It was a thrilling and amazing experience, one that I’ll never forget,” the photographer said.

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