Amazing Bridge Turns Into An Underwater Tunnel That Connects Denmark And Sweden

Designed by the Danish architect George K.S. Rotne, the awe-inspiring Øresund roadway connects the Danish capital of Copenhagen to the Swedish city of Malmö, stretching about 8km before transitioning through an artificial...


Floating Flower Garden In Tokyo That You’ll Have To See To Believe

A brilliant Chán Buddhist master has created an immersive, interactive flower garden that seems something out of fantasy.


Stunning Photos Of The Majestic 2,000-Year-Old Philippine Rice Terraces

The majestic rice terraces rise like wide, monumental staircases that offer breathtaking views from every angle.


There’s A Ghost Town In Canada That Stands Frozen In Time (66 Pics)

Nestled amidst rolling mountains and towering pines is the abandoned town of Kitsault in British Columbia, Canada.


15 Photos of Mother Nature Showing Off Her Romantic Side

Prepare to be amazed by nature's spectacular display of 15 heart-shaped islands and lakes that are simply breathtaking. The perfect romantic getaways for celebrating love!


This Is What You Will See If You Take A Trip Down The Street in Vietnam… WOW

If you travel to Vietnam, some of the most amazing things you’re going to see there on their streets are these motorbikes and the astonishing things they carry. These iconic sightings in Vietnam have already become a part...

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