No One Will Ever Forget What This Dying Father Did for His Daughter

When Jim Zetz learned that he doesn’t have much time left to live, he decided to do something special and memorable for his 11-year-old daughter. Jim is fighting a losing battle against pancreatic cancer.


21 Most Hilarious Pregnancy Announcements

Telling the world you’re expecting your bundle of joy can be done in many ways. You can make it cute, you can make it unique. But for these 21 couples, harvesting laughs is the only way to go. Tossed some adorable ones...


41 Incredible Photos That Show What Parenting Is Like In The Wilderness

Take a look at these beautiful images of animals rearing their young in the wild.


This Will Be The CUTEST FIRST DATE You Will Ever See

We can all relate to the anxiety of a first date. Butterflies in your stomach. The excitement of finally going on a date with someone really special to you. The man in this video will do everything for such a beautiful young...


Hospital Demonstrates A Very Easy Way To Save A Choking Baby in Just Seconds

An average of 34 children are treated for choking on food every single day. According to St. John Ambulance, an organization dedicated to teaching medical first aid, 40% of parents have witnessed their own baby choke. Over...


This Will Probably Be The Best 90 Seconds Of Your Day

When Chris Knutson found out he’s about to be a dad, he decided to create a video that captures how he felt about the arrival of their baby. The result is this most beautiful baby announcement to his family and friends.

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