After All Bloody Wars in History, Nature Wins in the End

After all the brutal wars in history, human beings killing each other, spilling their blood on the ground for whatever reason. Nature just being there — a silent witness to the bloody mayhem and destruction. After all...


What Would Happen To Our Planet If All Humans Disappeared?

These brilliant science people did an excellent job in exploring the impact humanity has on the planet, and what would happen to it if we’re all gone.


12 Oldest Animals In The World

Meet 12 of the world’s oldest animals! Several of these ancient species, believed to be extinct, have recently surfaced and were rediscovered. These animals did not undergo any significant changes despite millions of...


Next Time Someone Tells You To Be Afraid Of Sharks, Show Them This

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National Geographic Photographer Face-Off With A Deadly Predator

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen is known for his stunning wildlife photos. This is one of his most dangerous assignments.


25 Amazing Albino Animals You Will Ever See

Nature is awesomely colorful, but sometimes forgetful.

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