Zero Worry Pellet Smokers for the low and slow cook

Pellet smokers, also referred to as pellet grills, are perfect for long and slow barbecues. The benefits of using pellet grills are numerous, to say the least. 

It is easy to use, provides even heat, no flare-ups, gives the food an amazing woody aroma, offers a wide temperature range and has wireless connectivity.

But if you are in the market to buy a pellet grill and are having a hard time choosing between the types of smokers, there are aspects that one ought to make note of before making a purchase. This is to make the best buy – something that doesn’t hurt your pocket and fulfills all your needs for barbecuing. 

For Instance, ask yourself the following:

Temperature: Do you need to sear your meat or do you prefer a slow and low flame?

Size: Do you have a small family or a big one? No point in spending money on a huge pellet grill when the entire cooking surface is not going to be utilized.

Mobility: Do you want to grill in the backyard or do you enjoy barbecuing when you are camping? Varying sizes are available for different purposes and obviously, the size makes an impact on price.

Quality: Does the pellet smoker feature new technologies that have been added recently? Is it PID controlled? Does it have the Easy Ash cleanout feature?

Price: The size, quality and recent additions all cause prices to vary.

Pellet smokers consist of a hopper, an auger, and a fire pot. It may sound complicated, but pellet smokers are perhaps the easiest grills to use.

Hopper is where the wood pellets are filled. Auger is a rotating device that transfers the pellets from the hopper to the furnace. Fire pot is the furnace below the grill.

The best part of the pellet smoker is the special electronic system that is placed inside a pellet grill that uses advanced algorithms to calculate how many pellets are to be used and at what intervals have to be added to the fire to maintain a fixed temperature. 

The technology used in a PID controller pellet smoker is quite advanced as it takes into account the temperature, number of hours the grill is to be used, the number of times the lid is opened and even the weather to ensure steady temperature. 

Now pellet grills, even have meat probes that make opening the lid to check the temperature of the meat useless, making them perfect for low and slow bbq.

The recent advancements that have been added to the pellet smokers allow you to set a temperature and the number of hours that you want to grill, and simply forget about the rest. There are no flare-ups in pellet smokers.

The ultimate advantage of buying a pellet grill is the smoky flavor it gives your food.

Then, there is the Easy Ash Cleanout system – a cup placed under the grill where the ash from the pellets is collected making grill clean up super easy.

Keeping in mind the variables discussed above, a sound decision can be made that would not tax your wallet unduly and give you the perfect pellet smoker for your barbecue needs.