Repurposing Old Tires Into Impressively Phenomenal Sculptures

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

What an amazing talent! His name is Yong Ho Ji. He has an incredible talent that will easily blow people’s minds. The best thing about it is that he uses/recycles old tires to create his masterpieces.

While most of us see massive piles of old tires, Yong Ho Ji sees a jaguar, a buffalo or other beautiful hybrid animal lurking inside. He carefully weaves the materials to create impressively phenomenal sculptures.

Take a closer look and enjoy!

ot1Yong Ho Ji

ot2Yong Ho Ji

ot3Yong Ho Ji

ot4Yong Ho Ji

ot5Yong Ho Ji

ot6Yong Ho Ji

ot7Yong Ho Ji

ot8Yong Ho Ji

ot11Yong Ho Ji

ot12Yong Ho Ji


ot13Yong Ho Ji

ot14Yong Ho Ji

ot15Yong Ho Ji

ot16Yong Ho Ji

ot17Yong Ho Ji

ot19Yong Ho Ji

ot21Yong Ho Ji

ot9Yong Ho Ji

ot28Yong Ho Ji

ot22Yong Ho Ji

ot23Yong Ho Ji

ot24Yong Ho Ji

ot25Yong Ho Ji

ot27Yong Ho Ji

ot26Yong Ho Ji

ot10Yong Ho Ji

(Credit: Yong Ho Ji)