Oddly Beautiful X-Rays Of Corseted Women In 1908

Ahh, the things we do for beauty, the things we wear for fashion. But it’s not just today that people are willing to bear the extra pain to be fashionable and trendy and beautiful.

In 1908, Doctor O’Followell’s Le Corset (The Corset) explored and showcased through x-rays, the nasty health consequences corsets caused on women’s bodies.

These are making me wince.

1908 corseted women

Le Corset 1908

1908 corseted women 2

Le Corset 1908

While others thought the images are only x-rays of women’s torsos with the corset painted on afterwards, many still believed these x-rays are as real as the harm corsets caused women.

1908 corseted women 3

Le Corset 1908

Compression and liver deformation by the corset

1908 corseted women 5

Le Corset 1908

1908 corseted women 4

Le Corset 1908

Fig. 25. – Thorax woman without corset / Fig. 26. – Thorax woman with corset

1908 corseted women 6

Le Corset 1908

Via Dangerous Minds