How to Write a Paper Overnight

Is it even possible to write a college paper in less than 24 hours?

You’ve probably heard a lot of wonderful stories how students managed to write their 5, 8, or even 10-page papers in less than 24 hours. The truth is that no magic is needed to be able to do this.

All you need is a discipline, concentration, and a few tricks to follow. We don’t recommend writing your papers overnight in order not to risk your health and paper quality.

Surely, you can always count on professionals and have a look at TopEssayWriting review to find out what this company has to offer. However, if you are all determined to complete the task yourself, you will need discipline, concentration, and a few tricks to follow. We don’t recommend writing your papers overnight in order not to risk your health and paper quality.

But if you’re in such a difficult situation when your deadline due in a couple of hours and you need to turn the paper in or an essay on time, you have to work with the time limit you have.

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Today, we’re going to reveal a couple of useful secrets, which will help you to understand better how other students manage to finish their papers overnight, and how you can do it too. So, if you need to write an entire paper just in several hours, here’s what you can do to produce high results.

Writing a Paper in Less Than 24 Hours

The main principle of writing a several page paper overnight is having your focus on quality rather than quantity. If you understand that it is impossible for you to write such a long paper in a couple of hours, focus on quality, even if you’ll have to neglect the quantity. Of course, everything depends on your teacher.

So, think what your teacher appreciates most in papers – quality or quantity. However, quality is something always important for any professor. Focus on writing a meaningful, interesting paper. Don’t think about the number of pages you have to write. Just let your writing flow by itself.

Then, go to your requirements. Read the requirements you have for a couple of times. Make sure you understand the task and the topic you have from the very beginning. You won’t have time to rewrite it later.

Then, think about the materials you might need. Of course, you’ll need a lot of sources to rely on in order to write your paper quickly. But don’t use those sources to copy the whole work or to insert the whole paragraphs in your own work.

Be smart. You can create an entire page of your own thoughts and ideas basing on one paragraph only from single source. Use citations and express your own opinions, using them as a supporting point.

And now let’s have a look at a detailed plan on how to write that paper step-by-step.

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5 Steps to a Winning Paper

● An outline. You need to create an outline first to organize the whole writing process. Even if you don’t know what you’re going to write about, create an outline as you usually do for any other paper or essay. This will help you to get started faster and easier. Writing an outline gives a feeling of already doing something productive about your assignment, and you will be able to follow the outline even when you are tired and sleepy and the level of your creativity drops.
● Begin your first draft. Don’t take breaks after each step, especially if you’ve written an outline only. Go to the first draft straight away. It shouldn’t be something well-written immediately. Brainstorming is a good idea even if you have a couple of hours for your paper. Just write down all the ideas you have about the topic. And then, filter them and leave only the best ones.
● Now you can make a small break and consider the next step and the direction, which you want your paper to move. Meanwhile, you can eat something or have a cup of coffee. Reread the outline and the first draft trying to map out the next paragraphs.
● Then, go back to writing. Write down your own thoughts and use a lot of properly selected quotations if possible. A quotation is a good method to make your work longer and stronger. It is okay if your citations don’t take more than 10% of the whole paper.
● Editing. Please, take time to proofread and edit your paper a couple of times. Even if you feel extremely tired and exhausted, proofreading is a must. If you miss this small step, you can ruin the whole writing, which you were working on during the whole night.

Take a little break after writing, give yourself a moment to breathe, and only then go to proofreading and editing. If you have some spare time, sleep after you’ve finished your paper.

That’s all for composing a paper overnight. Hopefully, these small tips will help you to organize your writing activity at night in a better way, providing effective results and high grades at college or university.