Constructing the Tallest Buildings in the World During Its Time — The Twin Towers (19 photos)

The construction of the World Trade Center in New York City was dedicated to “world peace through trade.” The construction started in 1966.

Scale model of the Twin Towers, January, 18, 1964

The pouring of first concrete for the World Trade Center, September 1966

AP Photo

Preparing the construction site (1967)

Future construction site area is marked with a white line, 1967

Steelworkers placing a 34-ton steel grillage into place 70 feet below street level at the site of the World Trade Center. The grillage is a complex of steel constructed in three tiers and is the first of 28 that will support the core columns of the 1350 foot high north tower. The grillage is 11 feet wide, 15 feet long, and 7 feet high (1968)

AP Photo/Anthony Camerano

The progress of the construction so far in June 1969

September 1969


Tower 1 (1969)

May 1970

May 1979

Aerial view of Twin Towers of the World Trade Center under construction looking East- February 1971.

Twin Towers under construction, 1972

Twin Towers under construction, July 1973

Sunrise Photo of the Twin Towers during construction