It’s Tough Watching This 3-Minute Video But It’s Something We Should All See

Women are the most precious gift God had ever given to men. It’s a gift that men should take good care of, respect and love. However, it’s truly saddening that some women are being abused, raped and killed, even the young ones are not spared.

It’s said that “1 out of 3 women has been beaten, forced into sex or abused during her lifetime” and it’s getting rampant nowadays. It was just recently when a photo of a young drunk party girl being molested by a group of men had gone viral, a testament of what’s going on now.

Around the world, women are suffering from such cruelty, some because of alcohol and drugs or poverty but some are just plainly done with by those purely evil. It feels like “the world hates women” because of these assaults.

This gut-wrenching video shows the horrific crimes against women. Watch the video below. If you’ve a second, please share it to your family and friends, especially the men. Let us all help each other fight violence against women.