Why Coloring Is The Best Alternative to Meditation? These Psychologists Gave Us The Perfect Explanation

Six of the 20 best selling books on Amazon right now are adult coloring books. There’s a big reason for this! Coloring is something we typically think as a hobby that little kids would enjoy. But psychologists say that even adults can benefit from it.

“I recommend it as a relaxation technique. We can use it to enter a more creative, freer state. I recommend it in a quiet environment, even with chill music. Let the color and the lines flow,” psychologist Antoni Martínez said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

Coloring offers adults a low-stress activity that allows them to unlock their creativity. It helps relieve stress and anxiety because it brings back memories of childhood, simpler times.

“There is a long history of people coloring for mental health reasons. Carl Jung [founder of psychology] used to try to get his patients to color in mandalas at the turn of the last century, as a way of getting people to focus and allow the subconscious to let go. Now we know it has a lot of other stress-busting qualities as well,” psychologist Ben Michaelis said.

Now if you’re having a rough day, feel free to pick one of those coloring books lying around your house, get some crayons, and start coloring!

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