Which Is Better for Your Project: Adding Staff or Outsourcing Out?

Tech talent is scarce and in high demand. 90% of recruiting managers struggle to locate cloud, cybersecurity, IT architecture, data science, and AI tech skills. Korn Ferry, an organizational computing business, estimates a never-before-seen IT skills shortage that would cost $449.70 billion by 2030!

IT project recruiting must be hastened and streamlined. Outsourcing and personnel augmentation may prevent this rush. Both methods give specific expertise your in-house team needs for better flexibility and quicker time-to-market when building digital solutions. Each strategy suits different company requirements.

IT Outsourcing: Pros

IT outsourcing is a popular alternative to staff augmentation, worth up to $66.5 billion in global total contract value (TCV). The model involves outsourcing IT projects like software development, technical support, and infrastructure management to an independent service provider or third-party vendor.


This engagement paradigm allows software development without recruiting or terminating personnel. This expedites project completion. Better still, divide the project up and outsource to various service providers to fulfill unreasonable timelines with your in-house staff.

2.Use extensive experience

IT offshore software development company has gained expertise and experience. They solve non-standard software, hardware, and systems development problems for various clients. Thus, a reputable outsourcing company will provide a solution that meets market standards and innovations.

3.Improved service

SLAs usually underpin this engagement model. SLAs obligate vendors to meet quality and performance standards. Unlike in-house development, the contract specifies the service level timeframe, improving reliability.

4. Faster time-to-market

Outsourcing IT speeds up project completion. Outsourcing partners may finish time-bound tasks quicker. They fulfill deadlines to boost your competitiveness and time-to-market.

Staff Augmentation: Benefits

Staff augmentation allows your firm to recruit external IT expertise for important team jobs, either permanently or temporarily. Professionals speed up hard processes for your in-house staff.

Contractors or “augmented staff” are external professionals. Instead, a full-service temporary global skilled resource provider employs and keeps professionals. Service providers provide staff incentives for a modest monthly cost.

1.More flexibility

This cooperation model lets your company adapt to changing market demands. It lets you quickly scale or downscale human capital without long-term commitment or costs, giving you more flexibility when optimizing resources.

2.Focus on core competencies.

Staff augmentation allows you to outsource specialized activities to specialists while your own personnel concentrate on future-focused capabilities. Turnkey services reduce remote staff management backend office tasks for certain full-service firms.

3.Fast project execution

This methodology matches candidates to your company’s culture, requirements, and expectations. They immediately join your squad. This boosts collaboration and project completion for corporate advantage.

4.Time and money savings

Staff augmentation lets you outsource specialized tasks to experts while your employees focus on future capabilities. Full-service organizations lessen remote personnel management backend office responsibilities with turnkey offerings.