What to Consider When Repairing a Roof

Think it might be time for a tune-up on your roof? Age, weather, damage, and other common factors may indicate that your roof could use a little love. Not sure what to look for or factor in when considering if you need one? Here are a few things to consider when you are looking to replace, repair, or revitalize your roof.

Type of Roofing

What type of roof do you have? Your roof repair costs and even the type of repairs you’ll be doing are dependent on the type of roof that you have. Gable, flat, gambrel, and Dutch roof designs need different materials, reinforcements, and even various areas of expertise. Shingle type is also something to consider.

Extent of Repairs

How far should you take your roof repairs? You need to consider the extent of work it will take to do your desired repairs and what’s necessary. Roof repair can add up in time and money the more elaborate you get with your plans.

Price of Material

Different types of shingles vary in price, but so do the quality. Quality should be a huge priority when you are considering what material to replace your roof with. Your contractor can offer advice on what the best shingle for the best price is. If you’re doing it on your own, you can also research and calculate roof repair costs online and by visiting retailers.


Depending on the extent of damage and wear, your roof might need more than just a repair and require an entire replacement. Here are some things to look for if you are thinking you may need to replace your roof:

  • Water leaks indoors
  • Damaged, cracked, or curling shingles
  • Grit in your gutters
  • Sagging issues
  • Mold or mildew

Should You Do it Yourself?

One of the things to consider when you are repairing/replacing your roof is whether you should do the job yourself or hire someone else to do it. With small repairs, it’s reasonable cost and effort wise to go it alone. However, if you are inexperienced and replacing the entire roof, hiring professionals may be the best option. Consider your level of comfort and experience.