What Online Tools Paper Writers Use the Most?

Online word tools are a collection of useful word processing utilities. All text tools are simple, free, and easy to use. No intrusive ads, pop-ups, and other garbage. All utilities work in the same way – upload the text, get the result. 

Advego uniqueness check service

The algorithms of this anti-plagiarism work quite well. But sometimes it happens that the contractor and the customer can get different results when checking the same text. In this case, the service provides an opportunity to get a link to the results of a specific check or fix the uniqueness of the text.

Anti-plagiarism on the Advego content exchange after registration allows you to check only 5000 characters per day for free. You will have to pay for checking additional signs online. For unlimited checks, you can download the free Advego Plagiatus program for Windows, macOS, or Linux. The program has many settings and carefully checks the text, but the verification of large texts is rather slow, moreover, for several minutes during the verification process, you will have to enter captchas.

Sometimes waiting for the result of the check can take a long time, since the check takes place in the order of the queue (the service shows how many texts are in the queue in front of you). You can speed up the process and increase your daily character limit by purchasing a paid subscription. Or you can ask essay writers to compose a highly unique paper for you. In addition to uniqueness, the service checks spelling in the text and conducts SEO analysis, which we will discuss below.

Google Docs and Google Sheets

Why Google services are better than Word and Excel. If you use Microsoft products, it might be worth moving to Google:

  • No need to worry about timely saving: changes are constantly saved automatically.
  • No confusion about different versions of a file, no need to remember which is the latest. All versions are stored in the Change History, you can restore any version while saving the rest.
  • It is convenient to work with a client or an author. For example, to distribute different access rights: reading, commenting, editing.
  • The most valuable feature for me is to leave comments on a piece of text or a picture. It is convenient if you need to receive comments from the client or write down additional questions in a draft.
  • No problem to download in PDF or the same DOCX.
  • Is free.
  • All project files – text or prototype, links to materials, images – can be stored on Google Drive. Further, this folder can be shared with the designer – for example, when you give him a prototype for work.

LanguageTool service

The LanguageTool browser extension checks the spelling of text and suggests corrections. Like many similar services, this tool does a good job with spelling, but you should not rely on help with punctuation. The plugin checks texts in English and other languages. In addition to spelling errors, it can detect some problems in grammar and style.

Using the service is very easy. When you click on the icon that appears after installing LanguageTool in text entry fields on any sites, social networks, and even email services, errors will be underlined. The service will tell you which rule was violated and suggest the correct spellings.

Google Keep – write notes & set reminders

Great note-taking service. There are two formats – text and list. You can add pictures, and color marks, assign a label, and pin one or more notes at the top. You can also add a push notification time, and then the note will turn into a reminder.

Writers use Keep for several tasks:

  • They store textual information, which they often use. For example, the numbers of their cards.
  • They write down the ideas so they don’t get lost. Let’s say a cool name came to mind – they wrote it down.
  • They work with lists. For example, they make a shopping list when they go grocery shopping.

Life hack: open a note at the beginning of the day. Let’s say you have a plan for the day and you want it to open every time you start the browser. Create a to-do list and copy the link to it. Open browser settings – Set pages. Here you can set the links that will open when the browser starts. Add a link to the day’s plan to this list.