What is the Best Way to Get Students Interested in Math

When it comes to math, some students seem to show no interest. Many consider math a burden because of the challenging concepts involved. Others find the subject boring because it has no narrative to tell. 

These reasons have caused a negative attitude towards the subject. As a teacher, it’s important to find fun ways to teach math so that students appreciate the subject. It might not be an easy task as there is no one solution that fits all. Here are some ways to start with.

Use guided math

Always remember that too many instructions can become boring. Having too few activities isn’t ideal either. You can expect the bright students to finish their work faster. Then you need to check their work right away. The slower ones might need help, which means you must focus on them too. To be able to differentiate what all the students need, try to apply guided math. This is an effective method for how to make math fun for middle school. 

For this, you break the math block up. Allow them to engage in various activities. Doing this gives you time to work with struggling ones in small group settings. It’s possible to address their needs and make learning more fun.

Math help to lighten the load

Studying in college requires a lot of work. Whether it’s algebra, calculus, or any other type of math, students must learn. Sometimes though, there is too much homework for them to do that it gets overwhelming. This might make them feel less motivated in school. In this situation, students can seek online help. They can find calculus problems and answers on PlainMath. Online services lighten the load of students. That way, they can focus on studying other subjects too. 

Play games to keep them engaged

Most students love to play games. Take advantage of this to find fun ways to learn math. Games are a lot of fun. Use them as an engaging way to reinforce concepts inside the classroom. In many situations, students will have fun without knowing they’re learning at the same time. For example, there are many popular math games played among young children. These can improve subtraction and addition mastery. 

Play a game where you split the class into teams. Give them different resources to help them solve math problems. Aside from teaching students how to solve problems, this also encourages them to work together.

Take advantage of technology

When thinking about how to make math fun for high school students, add technology to the mix. Introducing modern technology broadens student perspectives. It also gives them new ways to interact with the world. These technologies have entered the math classroom too. Take, for instance, online math tools. They offer students math puzzles and games that provide fun and learning. Some even offer skill-building challenges. With their gadgets, students can learn new ways to engage with math all the time.

Connect the concepts to the real world

Try to show students how they can use the math they learn outside the classroom. Students would like to know how to apply math in their lives. Try giving them real-world examples to catch their interest. But it can be a challenge to find real-world examples for all math concepts. In such a case, you can show students how to apply math concepts in their coursework in the future.

Challenge your students

When students feel intellectually challenged, they usually react with more enthusiasm. As a teacher, be very careful when choosing the challenges to give. Each challenge should relate to the lesson. It should also be within reach of your student’s abilities. Be as meticulous as possible when it comes to the choice of challenge. Don’t choose challenges that detract from the lessons but lead to them.

Stay positive

Because of past experiences, some parents might talk negatively about math to their children. They claim that it’s too difficult and has no use in real life. This is an issue you have to deal with. Make suggestions to parents to encourage their children while having a positive mindset. Suggest that they find math tutors for students who have difficulties with the subject.


One of the most important aspects of teaching math is to motivate the learners. This subject is a critical aspect of any school curriculum, so learners must be enthusiastically receptive. To become an effective teacher, focus on the less interested students and the motivated ones. The techniques discussed in this article are all based on extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Use them to motivate students in mathematics.

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