What CBD Product is Right for You?

The CBD market has been flooded with products. Edible CBD products come in every type of food you could ever imagine. Choosing which type of CBD can be overwhelming. We want to provide a resource to new users so they can find the right CBD products and take them with confidence.

Before you choose the perfect CBD product, it is important to understand that CBD products take consistency and time for the benefits to become noticeable. We believe that CBD can be life changing, but you must dedicate yourself to taking it every day.

How to Choose CBD?

To choose the right CBD product you must know the right type of CBD that is best for you. Below are the 3 types of CBD:

– Full Spectrum CBD

This is a full-plant extract with all the cannabinoids and terpenes that were present in the original plant. Full-spectrum CBD contains THC.

– Broad Spectrum CBD 

Another full-plant extract but without THC. Broad-spectrum products are designed for users who want other cannabinoids and terpenes along with their CBD but are not comfortable with taking THC.

– Isolate CBD

This is CBD in its purest form. When CBD is completely extracted from the cannabis plant, it becomes a fine white powder.

Which CBD is Right for Me?

CBD users who aren’t concerned with taking a small amount of THC are recommended to take full-spectrum products. Studies done by cannabis experts suggest that CBD taken along with THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes can deliver more benefits.

Users who want the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes with their CBD but don’t want to take THC should take full-spectrum products.

CBD isolates are for users who don’t want to take THC and want to save money. Isolate products are dramatically cheaper than full or broad-spectrum CBD products.

Types of CBD Products

Those serious about getting the benefits from CBD products should be aware of the bioavailability of each type of product.  

Edible CBD products – CBD that is infused into foods.

– CBD oil – CBD and carrier oil that is mixed together in a tincture

– Topical CBD – Creams, lotions, balms that are rubbed into the skin

– Smokables – Vapes and smokable flower

Edible CBD products have the lowest bioavailability. Only a small percentage of the CBD will become usable by the body after administration.

CBD oil has a higher bioavailability than edibles but is still relatively low.

We aren’t sure how much CBD will be bioavailable after applying topical CBD. We know that the skin isn’t very permeable but there haven’t been any studies proving the amount of CBD being bioavailable to the body.

Smoking CBD either through smokable flower or through a vape has a very high bioavailability. If this is the only factor, you are concerned with, smoking CBD is the right product for you. We don’t suggest smoking because of the side-effects of hot smoke entering the lungs.

How to Find the Best CBD Oil?

Our favorite method of administration is by CBD liquid drops. Many users prefer taking 100 mg CBD capsules, but we believe that they are less effective because they have a lower bioavailability than CBD oil.

How to find the good CBD oil takes some effort by the consumer. You must research the CBD company before your purchase. A reputable company will have lab tests, positive reviews, transparency, and a return policy.

The number one way to find good CBD oil is to look at potency tests. This will tell you exactly what is in the CBD oil.

Once you understand the types of CBD and the different types of administration methods, only then are you able to pick the right CBD products for you